Fundata village, located in Brasov county, is situated at the highest altitude in Romania (1360 meters) and is surrounded by Bucegi Mountains, on the one hand, and Piatra Mountains, on the other.

Here is the cleanest air in the country, as illustrated by a weather station located right on top of the mountain, which measures the air purity. A walk along the village streets will load you with energy and will make you feel the immediate effects of the clean air.


Situated in the woods, where the mountain ridges are kissing the endless blue sky, Euro-Park pension is waiting for you to discover your own oasis of tranquility. This resort will not only amaze by the many services it provides, but also because of its landscapes, that will leave you breathless.

Conceived as an intricate resort, where you can relax and enjoy the most appetizing dishes, this five stars boarding house will surprise you also through outdoor activities. You will enjoy the adventure and you will be fond of the untouched beauty of the place, being, at the same time, close to the most popular tourist attractions that the Romanian mountains offer.





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