Also, if you want to celebrate with us the most important life events (birthday, engagement, wedding, christening – limited accommodation capacity), we are here to make your dreams come true.

We do not just create some special moments in the most special days of your life, but we can organize any type of event.

You’re thinking about doing some training to deepen the knowledge of your employees or to improve their skills in certain areas? Why not do this in a professional way, in a place where you can get all the logistics for such an event, but pleasant, as in our resort?

Or maybe you are looking for a place to come with your students. No problem! We can organize any camp or boot camp, whether it is for students or themed – fitness, yoga, personal development, nutrition, creative camps for football and tennis and anything else you can think of.

We are happy to organize for you all the details on which camp you imagine or, if you already have a dedicated person to your team that handles all the details related to the concept and customizing an event, we look forward to collaborate!

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