Being characterized by grandeur, the uniqueness of the Euro-Park pension is completed by the beautiful landscapes, generously offered by the nature, but mostly by the tranquility that every guest finds up, in the mountain, at an altitude of 1,400 m. In this setting inspired by nature and the rich heritage of the country, we have arranged your private sanctuary – your room.

Single Rooms

Double Rooms

Triple Rooms


Divided into five separate buildings, located within the same resort, the pension’s 32 double rooms (18 twin and 14 double)* are waiting for you to enjoy the comfort and the welcoming atmosphere of each of them.

You will have plenty of privacy but, at the same time, the rooms’ terraces will make you feel closer to the nature. In the vicinity you will find a natural landscaped garden with many plants and flowers, and special leisure areas, where you can sunbathe or where you will be rocked in rocking chairs, at the generous coolness of the trees.

Each room has its own bathroom, TV, DVD player, satellite television, hair dryer, towels, bathrobes and slippers.

*27 rooms can be adapted to host 3 persons

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